“Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Well as they say “This is Texas”:) After a very warm week and a good weekend as well, the cold front just rolled itself right on in! And we are ready as always. This week since we are gonna be in the midst of a cold spell, we are serving up a heap of good ol’ Texas Chuckwagon Chili or if your looking for a more at home meal try our Monday Blue Plate Special of Mom’s Meatloaf, made straight from mom her self;)

You don’t have to be down or upset just because of some bad weather. We know how to make Mondays all better and help you make it to Ahhhh Friday!  So my blog this week is all about warming up and still enjoying this Texas weather as moody as it gets. As a bonus we also just launched our new phone App for Android and Iphones so when you dont wana dine out, just order via phone and pick up and go! See how much we love you!?! ;D

While you’re at it, check out some of my recipes as well, if experimenting in the kitchen is more of your forte on a cold mid-spring day:)

Good Eats, Foodies!