Best Restaurants in Dallas

The Y.O. Steakhouse would like to think they are a top contender when looking for the best restaurants in Dallas, and they aren’t the only ones. They get soaring ratings across the board from their customers, and they have even been noticed and personally recognized for their outstanding food by magazines and celebrities. Here are just a few of the many amazing compliments the Y.O. Steakhouse has received from various media.


“One of the nations finest steak houses.”


best restaurants in Dallas

best restaurants in Dallas


“…the tender, red elk topped with cheery molasses glaze and buffalo filet – is magnificent”

“…each piece of meat was perfectly cooked…and dripping   with flavor.” 

best restaurants in Dallas

Are you not yet convinced that this fine dining restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dallas?  Well let’s talk a little about their venue. The large venue has multiple rooms that are decorated with western décor with a touch of class. It’s very relaxing in the dim lighted sitting areas so you can enjoy your meal in a peaceful serenity.

So what is it that really makes the Y.O. Steakhouse one of the best restaurants in Dallas? The food, of course! The food here is so delicious it will leave your taste buds in heaven. The Y.O. Steakhouse has high standards on their food leaving their customers perfectly cooked steak every time. They also have desserts that are to die for. If you haven’t had the honors of trying their lemon blueberry cheesecake or their signature YO apple tart, you are missing out. They even have your standard chocolate cake and ice cream, but this on blows every other out of the water.

If you want our opinion, the Y.O. Steakhouse is absolutely with no doubt the best restaurant in Dallas. Don’t take our word for it, go out and dine at this fantastic place yourself. Just be warned, once you start going it will become your favorite place to dine on a regular occasion.