Dallas steakhouse review: It was wonderful

“One Saturday night I received a call from my friend who was in Deep Ellum saying he was hungry. I picked him up and the goal was to find a place to eat where we could also watch the Cowboys game. We ended up driving towards the West End thinking we’d pick the first place that sounded good and wasn’t crowded. We ended up in the West End. After seeing the crowds at Hoffbrau we walked across the street to YO. I hadn’t planned on spending a fortune on dinner, but it ended up being worth it.

We walked in and went straight to the bar and found two empty seats. No sound on the TV. Not a problem. Just let me watch the game and bring me food. After eyeing the menu for a while I decided on the filet mignon. Medium. When it came out it was cooked perfectly. It tasted wonderful. It was also served with a few green beans and these little squashes that I had never seen before. Good stuff. My friend ordered the prime rib and he said it was also perfect and probably one of the best steaks he has had. I tasted it and it was so good and juicy. We ordered a bottle of wine to start, which I didn’t realize we were getting a mini bottle of red wine. No biggie. The bartender ended up giving me a glass of the house red when we emptied our bottle.

Everyone that we saw or that came to the bar looked like they were having a good time and a good meal as well. Based on the steaks I would come back to this place and definitely to experience the restaurant part and not just the bar area.”

Kristie A – Dallas, TX