Dallas Steakhouse Showdown: Meat Meets “Meat”

Dallas Steakhouse Showdown: Meat Meets “Meat”

Although it’s been around for centuries, one of the latest “meat” trends to rise to the top of vegan and vegetarian menus is Seitan. Seitan is a wheat-based meat substitute that has the ability to look and sometimes taste like a shade of animal-sourced meat.

Although we respect our vegan and vegetarian friends, trending food is trending food, and even people outside of the vegan community are curious about the benefits of Seitan versus actual steak.

If you’re on the fence about what to toss on the grill this summer, here are some of our biggest reasons why you should stick with actual steak whenever possible.

Steak is a Complete Protein on its Own

Although seitan does have mild amounts of protein in its products (roughly around 15 grams per serving), it must be paired with several other protein-based side dishes to serve as a meal that provides the actual benefits of protein.

Protein from a steak contains the essential amino acid lysine. This isn’t an amino acid that’s present in a wheat-based meat substitute. So, someone who wants the full effect of protein with seitan will have to add a side to their meal that contains lysine (i.e. soybeans, chickpeas, etc.).

Celiac Disease? Steak can Fill You Up

Steak is gluten-free. So, people who have a gluten allergy or suffer from Celiac Disease can typically eat most meat-based meals. Since seitan is a gluten-packed substitute, it’s not something that we’d recommend for anyone with an intolerance.

We say, fill up on the organic meats we source from our ranch. Or, if need be, research a plant-based meat substitute that is actually branded as gluten-free.

Seitan Often Comes Loaded with Fillers

Sodium, additives, and other unnatural fillers are often included in pre-packaged substitutes. Many people who abstain from farm-bred meats often do so under the guise of wanting to avoid additives and fillers that are sometimes used in mass-produced livestock. Either way, you paint a picture like this, it’s not something that’s good for the body.

This is primarily why the owners at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse only source our meats from our free-range, locally-based ranch. We know where your meat comes from, we know how we treat our animals, we know how naturally we feed them. 

There is never the threat of unnatural and unhealthy fillers when you partake in any protein from Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse.

Reserve a Night at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse for a Taste of the Real Deal

Even after the facts have been laid out and you’re still unsure of the protein choice to make, we say try some Seitan at your place, then make a reservation at ours to measure it up against 100 percent beef.

At Y.O, Ranch Steakhouse, our beef is sourced from our very own Y.O. Ranch and contains zero preservatives and nothing but natural nutrients and satisfying flavor.

Make your reservation today and experience a night at one of downtown Dallas’s premier steakhouse options.