Fun Activities Near the YO Steakhouse this Spring

Fun Activities Near the YO Steakhouse this Spring

Dallas is heating up this spring and the tourism season is beginning! Our Downtown Dallas restaurant sees a lot of foot traffic from people touring the area with their friends and family. The Historic West End boasts of many fun, family-centered activities to keep your entire group entertained. If you’re near our steakhouse, here are a few fun things you can do before you enjoy a meal at our steakhouse.

Enjoy a Segway Tour

The easiest way to get around Dallas is on a Segway. There are many tour groups that take tourists and residents alike on fun, sightseeing trips around the city. Go to all of the famous Dallas landmarks and be sure to wave at Y.O. Steakhouse as you zip by! This activity is probably best suited for families with older children who will be able to travel on the Segways without much help.

Tour Dallas Museums

If you enjoy a good history lesson, then you’ll appreciate the abundance of history that surrounds our West End restaurant. Before you head to our steakhouse, visit the Sixth Floor Museum to learn all about the events and people surrounding the infamous Kennedy assassination that happened right here in Dallas. Learn about Dallas County and Texas history at the Old Red Museum. Both of these museums provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Visit the Aquarium Near Y.O. Steakhouse

The aquarium is a great place to take smaller kids who are full of energy and like to explore. There are many exotic species on display and lots of information to soak up. Your kids will love watching fish swim around and spotting their favorite fish from different kid’s movies. They’ll work up an appetite by the end of the visit and so will you. The aquarium is a short walk from our award-winning Dallas steakhouse.

Dine With Us at the Y.O. Steakhouse in Dallas

Our convenient location will allow you to enjoy sitting on the patio while sipping wine from our extensive wine list while your family talks about your exciting day in the West End. Our dinner menu has a variety of items that your family will enjoy in our comfortable, cozy restaurant. For questions about the menu or to make a reservation, contact us!