How to Host a Great End of Year Lunch for Your Teachers

How to Host a Great End of Year Lunch for Your Teachers

As we draw closer to the beginning of summer, Texas teachers are counting down the days until the end of the school year. Our Dallas steakhouse hosts many “end of the year” teacher’s luncheons during the month of May. Since the school year is ending in a few weeks, we’re taking this opportunity to show you how to throw a great end of the year teacher’s luncheon for your educators!

Find the Right Dallas Location

A great location is important for any event. You’ll need to find a Downtown Dallas restaurant that’s big enough to host everyone and has a menu with some variety to it. Our restaurant has private party rooms that can fit up to 300 people for a cocktail hour or 170 people for a sit-down dinner. Our Dallas event space plays host to many events throughout the year and we do our best to accommodate your needs.

Choosing a Steakhouse Menu

Texas teachers deserve the best and a great steakhouse dinner is certainly a treat they’ll enjoy. We offer several private dining menus to choose from that include a range of entrees and appetizers for everyone in your group. If your teachers would enjoy a little time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, you might want to have an open bar option. After a long year of wrangling students and keeping everything organized, teachers will really appreciate a nice glass of wine!

Selecting Decor for Your Luncheon

The Y.O. Steakhouse has a very specific theme and mood. We recommend that anyone planning on hosting an event here try to incorporate the Texas Hill Country theme into their floral choices and other decorative items. If you’re planning on doing table centerpieces, something simple like wild flowers or sunflowers in old vases or Mason jars is a nice touch without going overboard.

Make Your Teachers Feel Appreciated

A great luncheon is certainly something your teachers will love, but adding a little surprise will have everyone smiling. Consider doing superlatives for all of your teachers at the end of your luncheon. Give out awards for things like “most energetic teacher” or “most likely to need a glass of wine” with a personal anecdote tacked on. You’ll have everyone laughing and enjoying nice memories from the school year.

Host Your Luncheon at Our Steakhouse

Our steakhouse is located in the Historic West End of Dallas and boasts of a great wine menu and unforgettable juicy steaks. Teachers deserve to feel appreciated at the end of the year and a steakhouse dinner is a great way to show them you care. Get in touch with us today to reserve your party room!