4 Mistakes a Dallas Steakhouse Won’t Make, But You Have

4 Mistakes a Dallas Steakhouse Won’t Make, But You Have

If you’re like most Americans, you think that your method of cooking a steak is the best one. While you may still manage to cook an edible steak, your methods may not stack up to Dallas steakhouse industry standards.

At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we know that eating at a steakhouse every time you crave a steak isn’t always possible. Here are some tips from the master chefs at our Dallas restaurant that will help give your steak a taste that screams gourmet.

1.  You’re Storing it All Wrong

When buying a steak, buy it with the intent of cooking it that night or the next. However, if you buy the steak and find that you need to store it, make sure you do this correctly so your cut of meat doesn’t go to waste.

The key to keeping a steak fresh for a little longer than usual, you need to seal it up so no air is able to penetrate the sinews of your meat. Once you have air sealed your steak, store it in the coolest part of your fridge in order to ensure optimal freshness.

2.  Failing to Temper Your Steak

When preparing to throw your steak on the grill, you need to keep in mind of the actual temperature of the steak. Is it cold? Is it warm? These questions genuinely matter. Cooking your steaks cold can result in having an overcooked outside with an extremely undercooked inside. Not only does this make preparing your steak more difficult and time-consuming than it needs to be, but no one wants to bite into a piece of meat with a surprise texture.

3.  Your Seasoning is All Wrong

While many people have their seasoning preferences, some mistakenly choose to not season their steaks in order to “maintain the taste” of the beef. This doesn’t mean that you have to douse your steak in ten different seasonings. Actually, the solution to a great tasting, seasoned steak is quite simple.

A gourmet steak has a crisp and salty taste on the outside. The best way to achieve this effect is to gather some sea salt and rub it around your beef while prepping it for the grill.

4.  Steakhouses in Dallas Cook on More Than One Heat

Depending on the thickness of your steak, you want to avoid grilling it on one heat the entire time that you are cooking it. Cooking your meat on two different types of heat can really help perfect the doneness of your meat without leaving anything up to chance. For example, if you have a rather thick cut on the grill, prepare an area of your grill to be a lower heat. This means that after you have your perfect sear, you can now perfect the interior of your steak on a lower and more controlled flame.

Find the Perfect Steak at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you need a night to relax and enjoy a perfectly prepared steak, don’t go to the store and fire up the grill. The doors of Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse are always open to visitors of the downtown Dallas’ historic West End. Make a reservation today and prepare to enjoy a steak prepared by Dallas legends.