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3 Winter Steak Tips to Satisfy Your Cravings in the New Year

Dallas is officially cooling down for the winter season and grilling outdoors doesn’t seem like a fun idea. Even though rain and cooler weather may be prevalent, these conditions aren’t strong enough to quell a craving for a juicy, hot, steak.

If the cold has your stomach eager for a warm cut of beef, follow these three tips from a West End steakhouse that knows its way around local cravings.

  • Reverse Sear Your Steak
  • Stove-Top Cook With Extra Butter
  • Skip Cooking, Enjoy A Steakhouse

Reverse Sear Your Steak

This method is great if you are cooking with a muscular piece of meat like top sirloin. Cooking with a cut that has so many fibers means that you should put a little extra TLC into preparation if you aren’t planning on using a grill.

The reverse sear technique is perfect for slow cooking a steak. It creates an evenly cooked steak with a crusted sear that every steak lover enjoys crunching into.

In order to perfect the reverse-sear, follow these steps for a tasty treat:

  1. Cook the steak at around 250 degrees until your meat thermometer reads 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Remove the steak from your oven and place it in an oiled cast-iron skillet
  3. Sear your steak to taste

Stove-Top Cook Your Cut with Extra Butter

Although many steak lovers hold up their nose to a stove-top steak, this cooking method that involves basting your steak in butter could change more than a few minds. Butter-basting your steak, especially a rib eye cut, ensures that your steak cooks into a rich flavor that is found throughout its multiple textures.

For this cooking method, we recommend purchasing your steak from a local Dallas ranch where the meat has been able to grow and age naturally. Once your steak has been purchased the general prep is simple. Gather up:

  1. Cast-iron skillet
  2. Butter
  3. Herbs
  4. Olive oil
  5. Salt

Prep and salt your steak for a half hour and cook the steak in your skillet, turning it frequently for an even sear. Cook until your thermometer reads at around 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Forego the Kitchen and Enjoy the Warmth of a Dallas Steakhouse

Even though we gave you these two expert techniques, they still have room for error that could ruin your whole meal. Rather than take the chance, follow these next steps to having the best steak in Dallas for dinner.

  1. Make a reservation at your favorite Downtown steakhouse
  2. Bundle up
  3. Get in the car
  4. Enjoy your winter dinner in comfort

Make Your Next Winter Outing a Night to Remember at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Don’t let the cool weather keep you from enjoying a year-round delicacy. Join us at one of our tables tonight and taste the many delicacies that Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse has to offer. Reserve your spot today and get ready to create a winter tradition with a visit to our dining room.



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