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5 Tips for Dallas Steakhouse Etiquette

When visiting a Dallas steakhouse, it is usually in light of a special occasion. You make reservations in advance, you and your partner get dressed up for the occasion, and you also mentally prepare for the sensation of tastes that are about to bombard your plate.

Yes, you may believe you understand Dallas steakhouse etiquette. Don’t chew loudly, don’t order a steak well-done, and don’t put A1 or ketchup on the meal that has been provided to you. All of these would easily be frowned upon at a Dallas steakhouse. However, there are other etiquette factors that might be flying under the radar. Here are the top five etiquette suggestions for your next steakhouse visit.

5. Don’t Rush the Process

If you are visiting a five-star steakhouse, your meal is bound to be one that is prepared with care and precision. The last thing that you want to do is be so hungry that you continually ask where your food is. Remember, a good, expensive cut of steak takes a reasonable amount of time to be cooked well. Otherwise, what are you paying for? Each 16-40-ounce piece of meat is being cooked to order for each customer. Giving your chef the time to prepare your meal right is a win either way.

4. Get Appetizers While You Wait

One way to enjoy your night out is to order an appetizer that comes before your luscious main course. When making this order, consider the size of your group and the meal that you ordered. Don’t hold back on your appetizers, since these can be delicacies on their own. Just keep in mind that you still want to have a semblance of an appetite before your main course.

3. Cut Your Steak to Check for Cooking PreferenceCut Your Steak Down the Middle

When your steak arrives, chefs would appreciate it if you cut it down the middle to check your steak’s temperature. This is the most ideal spot to check how the steak came out. Cutting it on the end is not the way to make this decision. Remember, these are choice cuts of meat and your chef strives to make sure the cut is served the way you order it.

2. Order the Steak the Way You Want It

Yes, we joked earlier about ordering a well-done steak at a five-star Dallas steakhouse. However, if that is truly how you enjoy your steak, then by all means, order at will. We want you to enjoy your meal at our restaurant. Don’t let the people at your table convince you that the only way to eat a proper Dallas steak is for the meat to still have a pulse.

1. Yes, Take Home Those Leftovers

While many of us boast that we can eat copious amounts of meat in one sitting, that is not always the truth of the matter. Not all of us can eat a 40-ounce steak in one meal, but we can still enjoy the steak in several meals. Don’t be afraid to ask for a take-out box so that you can take your steak home and use it for breakfast or even lunch the next day.

Put Your Etiquette to the Test at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you are in the mood for one of the best cuts of meat in Dallas, visit us at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse tonight. As the weather begins to cool, a nice, well-cooked piece of meat with a side of delicious hot vegetables is the perfect meal to warm you up at night. Give us a call to make a reservation today.


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