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Best Beef and Beer Pairings for Your Next Dallas Steakhouse Meal

Game day is a day to celebrate your favorite local team, some cold brews and a cut of top choice beef served up the way you like it. Sounds like a pretty special event, right? Well, why ruin it by sabotaging the experience with a light beer and average burger? Just like with wine pairings, the flavor of your drink should complement the dish not compromise for the taste buds.

Kick up your game day a notch as well as your beef and beer pairing options with these tips from your favorite downtown Dallas restaurant Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse.

Try a Creamy Ale with Your Filet Mignon

Much like its cousin the pale lager, American cream ale, also known as a “Blonde,” is a beer that is created to be light and refreshing. However, don’t mistake this selection for your average light beer. This option is a top-fermented ale that is laagered for an extended period of time, even after the initial fermentation of the brew is complete.

The beauty of this beer with a mouthwatering filet is that its lighter flavor will actually bring out the rich flavor of your steak making this combination of food and drink one to thoroughly be enjoyed.

In an IPA Mood? Fire Up the Top Sirloin at a Dallas Steakhouse

Indian Pale Ales are all the craze with beer connoisseurs, and we can completely see why! These all-purpose beers can be enjoyed with nearly any meal. Most of these beers have a taste that mixes hoppy bitterness with a citrus twist that is very complex and delicious.

This is the perfect pairing with a Texas-sized top sirloin, especially one that is perfectly seasoned from a Dallas steakhouse that knows how to prepare a sirloin that keeps guests coming back for more!

Add Some Flair to Your Ribeye with a Stout

Let’s face it, the ribeye is one of the biggest, boldest steaks that you can order on a steakhouse menu. However, if you plan on going all-out with your steak order, you should definitely keep the boldness moving with a beer that makes you feel like your steak night was worth the effort.

Fortunately, we have the option of an Imperial Stout to go with your tasty ribeye. This beer is usually a dark, oaky beverage that has an intense flavor and truly makes a statement when paired with any meal.

After you’ve finished your steak and you want to keep the taste of your stout coming, feel free to order one of Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse’s famous desserts. The ultimate beauty of this beer is that it has options that allow it to be paired well with desserts, alleviating the fear of compromising the taste of a good sweet!

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is Ready to Pair You with Your Next Memorable Meal

Reserving a spot at a Dallas steakhouse is something that should be a special occasion. Make the right choice and enjoy a special meal at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. Make your reservation today to get a real serving of Texas in the West End district.


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