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What Are the Best Pans to Use When Cooking Steak?

Let’s face facts, it’s been one hot summer in Dallas and we aren’t expecting the heat to ease up any time soon.

While you may love to host an old-fashioned Texas cookout, sitting in front of a grill cooking the perfect steak isn’t an ideal situation on a summer afternoon.

Our chefs surely don’t grill outside for the meals we serve, so why should you? The trick to cooking a great steak inside is all in the pan you use. So, put away the grilling kit and settle in.

We’re about to show you four of the best pans to use when you want a quality, steakhouse-style steak from the comfort of your kitchen.

Nonstick Grill Pan

Nonstick grill pans are made from cast aluminum and conduct grill-level heat without the stress of standing around in the heat.

The cast aluminum of these pans provides even heat and helps you ensure your steaks are all cooked to their desired temperature. The thing we love about grilling pans aside from heat distribution is the distinct grill marks their design makes on the meat.

With the right technique and seasoning, you’d never know a grill pan steak was cooked away from the flames of an outdoor grill.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

For a price as low as $15 on Amazon, you can pick up a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet that can give your steak a steakhouse taste from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Cast iron cookware:

  • Helps maintain a high level of heat
  • Can last a lifetime with proper maintenance
  • Has a naturally nonstick surface
  • Can be tossed into the oven if you decide to start your steak with a bake

Stainless Steel Pans

Stainless steel pans are highly durable pieces of equipment that are lightweight and create heat that can bring your steak up to any desired degree of doneness.

Keep in mind that when using a stainless steel pan, you will likely have to add oil to the pan in order to stop the steak from sticking to its surface. However, there are specific brands on the market that use natural beeswax to prevent oxidation and sticking.

Ceramic Coated Nonstick Frying Pan

Nonstick frying pans probably aren’t the first pan you’d think of when you want to cook a steakhouse-style steak at home.

However, it’s possible, so long as you skip the brands that utilize Teflon, cadmium, and lead to create the smooth nonstick surface. A ceramic coated pan is an eco0-friendly choice that is a great pan for cooking a homemade steak.

These pans heat up quickly and can even be placed in the oven at up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. We love these pans because they are easy to clean and help us move on to the next meal we make without a lengthy mess to clear out.

Take a Break From the Kitchen This Summer at Y.O, Ranch Steakhouse

If you’re the main chef in your kitchen at home, you deserve to have a break every now and then. Make sure a night out is worth the effort at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. We are the West End’s most unique eatery and we’re even recently labeled as the Best Steakhouse in Dallas.

Find out what makes Y.O. the premier choice for a Texas steak. Make your reservation today!


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