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Best Steakhouse in Dallas Ranks Top Cuts of Beef: From Best to Worst

At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we know our meats and make every effort to ensure every cut of beef we serve to our patrons is a cut above the competition and results in one of the best meals found in downtown Dallas.

However, not every person can dine in at a steakhouse every time they want a quality steak. So, we’ve taken the time to rank the top steak cuts from best to worst. That way, even when you decide to dine in, you can still be certain that your “cut” is one that’s fit for a Dallas steak chef.

1. Filet

Any steak lover knows that a filet is a prime cut that exudes luxury when served on any plate. Even without a large amount of fat and marbling, this tender cut is packed with flavor and is smooth enough to melt in your mouth while eating it.

Served along with one of our famous sides or wines from our wine menu, we know that this cut of beef truly deserves to be the best on our list.

2. Ribeye

We’ve recently heralded the glory of the ribeye steak. However, let’s recap why ribeyes are one of the best cuts someone could find on the market.

  • Ribeye is packed with flavor
  • Ribeye is a tender cut from the rib of the cow that doesn’t get much exercise
  • It can be served bone-in or out
  • Ribeye is loaded with marbling that gives it the beefy flavor that people want from a delicious steak

3. Hanger Steak

Although you won’t be able to find a cut of hanger steak outside of a butcher’s shop, the rarity proves that this is a cut that is sure to impress.

A hanger steak stems from the diaphragm of the animal and combines the flavors and tenderness of a ribeye and filet.

4. T-Bone

T-Bones are the steaks that you typically see cartoon characters drooling over. While it’s not at the top of our list, it definitely rounds out the best of the cuts you can cook up at home. Cut from the short loin of a steer, a T-bone has the flavor of a strip steak combined with the tenderness of a tenderloin.

Personally, we think this cut is a fantastic piece of beef that could make even the most novice chef look like a ranching pro.

5. Strip Steak

A strip steak is one of the most common steaks you’ll find packaged up in a supermarket. While it doesn’t have the melt in your mouth sensation as other steaks near the top of our list do, it does have a lot of marbling that adds to its flavor, but can sometimes make the steak fattier than desired.

This cut is a good choice for someone just learning how to cook the perfect steak and can still be a crowd-pleaser when cooked the right way.

6. Round Steak

Finally, we get to the round steak. While we don’t like to really say there is a “bad” cut of beef, the activity this piece of meat sees in life makes it one of the toughest steaks on the market.

This cut comes from the rump and rear leg of an animal and has muscle so thick, that getting this piece of steak tender is a true challenge.

Experience the Finest Cuts in Town at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you want to taste a true piece of prime beef, we invite you down to the West End District to take a seat at one of our tables. At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we take pride in the service and meals we provide to our guests and are eager to serve you one of the best steaks you’ll find in Dallas.

Make your reservation today online or reach out to us for in-person service.


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