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How to Cook a Quality Steak in an Air Fryer

Can You Air Fry A Quality Steak?

The air fryer is one of the latest pieces of cooking equipment that speeds up the process of a home-cooked meal. Across the internet, we’ve seen air fryers produce masterful chicken wings, fried vegetables, and even desserts.

But what about air frying a steak? Yes, it’s definitely a possibility, and one that we say is worth trying at least once in your life as a foodie. Let’s take a look at air frying steak, when you should do it, how you should do it, and if it really compares to sitting down at a downtown Dallas steakhouse.

When Should You Air Fry a Steak?

Is there ever a bad time to prepare a steak? We don’t think so. But, when should you consider cooking a steak in an air fryer over grilling it yourself or heading out to a restaurant to satisfy your cravings?

The truth is that air fryers make cooking a steak a fairly quick process that comes with relatively little cleanup. So, if you find yourself in a rush but still want a juicy cut of steak on the dinner table, air frying your meat is a quick and easy alternative that shouldn’t require the watchful eye and maintenance of a grill or cast-iron skillet.

What is the Best Steak for an Air Fryer?

Keep in mind that not every steak is built to be a success when it comes to working with an air fryer. While your air fryer will cook your steak, you still need it to be juicy at the end of the day. Extremely thick and bone-in steaks generally take longer to cook and could easily dry out in an air fryer. With larger cuts, you may as well cook your steaks the old-fashioned way.

However, if you really want to create a juicy steak with your air fryer, follow these meat selection tips:

  • Make sure the steak is well-marbled
  • Work with a tender cut like a sirloin, New York Strip, or Porterhouse
  • Use a cut of steak that is around 1 inch thick

Quick Air Fryer Steak Tips

So, you’ve got your cut of beef and your air fryer ready. Now what? First, make sure that you have an instant-read thermometer on-hand to ensure proper doneness, then preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

While your fryer is preheating, prepare your steak with a healthy rub of olive oil and all of the spices and rubs that you enjoy on your meat.

Once your steak is ready and your air fryer is preheated, drop a single steak in your basket and time it for 6 minutes on one side. Once the timer goes off, remove your basket and flip the steak. Continue cooking it for another 5 minutes.

Finally, pull your steak out and check its temperature with your thermometer:

  • Rare: 125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium-Rare: 135 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Depending on your preferred level of doneness, you may need to experiment with your timing. But, for the most part, you can’t really go wrong with this experiment.

Make a Reservation to Taste the Best Steak in Dallas, Today!

So, we’ve given our tips, but does an air-fried steak hold up to a steakhouse meal? We personally don’t think so, but the taste is truly subjective. If you’ve tried cooking an air-fried steak and want to compare it to our chef’s real deal, we invite you and your family to come on down to Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. We are Dallas’s favorite steakhouse and are eager to give you the best meal you’ll have in 2022.

Reach out to us today to make a reservation or secure your seat online through our website!


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