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Dallas restaurant review: The most incredible steak on the planet, cooked to perfection

“This is a restaurant that simply excels at serving the finest steak in the world, cooked to utter perfection, served neatly and unpretentiously, by friendly and competent staff.

Whilst on a business trip to Dallas, we chanced across this Steakhouse after asking the proprietor of the shop opposite it whom he would recommend for a good steak in Dallas. Having already done several meals at a good few establishments in the Dallas area we thought we’d give it a go, and ordered their special, which was a combo of Buffalo steak, Quail breasts with rice and cranberry sauce, and a venison medallion. I asked for mine rare.

The food arrived with an assortment of mixed vegetables on a decent size plate, and it all looked good and inviting. Cutting a piece of the Buffalo steak, it ws cooked to perfection, just 1.5 millimeters of brown, and the rest perfectly rare. But it was my first bite that simply blew my tastebuds away! Being of South African extraction and having grown up there, I pride myself on having eaten my fair share of beef, and I know a good steak when I taste one. This one was simply leaps and bounds beyond the best steak I’d ever eaten, by miles and miles. It was so tender it almost melted in my mouth, and the spices were just perfect, whatever they were.

The Quail breasts and their cranberry sauce were incredible as well, but sadly overshadowed a bit by the sensational taste of the buffalo. On their own they would have constituted a meal fit for a King – so you start getting how good the Buffalo is?

The venison was also done to perfection, and while a little unremarkable by comparison to the other two meats, I think it would be unfair not to say it was also delicious.

We had the meal with a Texan Cabernet, which, not being particularly fond of new world wines, I was pleasantly surprised at.

We went back the next night! Drove all the way from Southlake back into downtown Dallas, through horrendous traffic, just for that Buffalo again!

I would recommend this establishment without reserve!”
– Varmint_za, Greater London Area, UK



November 15, 2009

Dallas restaurant review: Lobster was great

Dallas Steakhouse Restaurant Review on TripAdvisor “We ate here before the Texas Stampede rodeo at the American Airlines Center nearby.

August 21, 2009

Dallas steakhouse review: Best steak in America. Period

“I’ve had some great steaks in Chicago, New York and so forth, but this place takes the cake. Unlike the