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Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Steak

A steakhouse is known to serve meats that are tender, delicious, and above all, a treat for those who order them. While the team at the Y.O. Ranch already knows that our West End steakhouse is something quite special, we thought it would be fun to give you some insider information that will pump up your “steak-cred” with your friends. The next time you’re out at a Dallas steakhouse for a meal, impress your present company with some of these steak factoids that only the most qualified connoisseurs know about.

The U.S. Consumes A Large Quantity of Steak

Just one look at our menu lets you know that our steakhouse is all about creating a quality experience. However, across the country, steak lovers seem to value both quality and quantity when it comes to the finer cuts of steak. In fact, the average American enjoys around 50 pounds of beef a year. Although that may seem like we are leading the race as the world’s biggest beef eaters, we are only the 4th highest consumers in the world, behind Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

The Grill is Always the Way

Although some home chefs may say that a perfect steak can come off of the stove, we definitely beg to differ. Our Chef, Tony Street, can confirm that in order for a steak to hold in its full potential of flavors and juices, a grill is necessary. Not only does the grill preserve flavor, but it also cooks your meat in an even, more efficient way that ensures the right level of doneness is reached with each order.

The Saxons Gave Steak Its Name

Steak may seem like the All-American dish, but in fact, the name of our favorite food stems from the Saxons. Their original term for a steak was the “stelk” which literally translates to “meat on a stick.”

The World’s Most Expensive Steak

Did you know that the world’s most coveted steak is Kobe beef, a Japanese form of Wagyu steak? It’s a very expensive cut that can cost around $200 per pound. The price is the result of how the cattle are raised and how much fat content is saturated within each cut of the beef.

Never Handle Your Steak With a Fork

When transferring your steak from grill to plate, never use a fork! You may not think that the ends of your fork will do much damage to your steak, but really, those small punctures result in loss of the juices your steak needs to maintain its perfect flavor. We recommend limiting the poking of your steak and handling your beef with tongs throughout the cooking process.

Enjoy a Premier Steak Dinner at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is proud to be a West End mainstay in the Downtown Dallas area. We offer only the best meal selections on our menu and have a dish capable of meeting anyone’s preferences. We are ready for you to be our guest. Reach out to us to make a reservation for your next big night out.




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