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Taking a Bite Out of Dry-Aged Steak

Everyone that frequents steakhouses in downtown Dallas seems to have a specific way that they enjoy their steak. From rare to even blue rare, it is obvious that a steak’s preparation and doneness are no laughing matter for Texans. One way that many people enjoy their meat is through preparation via the dry-aged process. We personally love our steaks to be dry-aged, but many people really don’t know what this method means or entails. There is a lot that goes into perfecting a dry-aged steak, so settle in with us and learn about your new favorite food!

What is a Dry-Aged Steak?

Everyone wants a steak to be the best-tasting piece of meat that it can be. That is why aging is the preferred prep route. This popular method of preparing your meat is a better tasting alternative to eating a piece of beef that comes from a freshly slaughtered animal. When meat that is fresh is consumed, the beef tends to lose its “beefy” flavor and may have a metallic taste. Most people don’t know that the meat that is bought in a store is typically aged for at least a week. Dry is much more technical and takes longer for the meat to reach its tasty peak. 

When dry-aging for tenderness, the most effective aging time is around 2 weeks to nearly a month. When aging for taste, steaks can be aged for up to even 240 days. If that sounds unsanitary, it really isn’t. Meat that is being properly aged and undergoing extended dry-aging goes through a strict process that ensures once it hits your plate, you are getting a cut of meat that is well worth t the time spent aging.

What is the Actual Process?

When dealing with aging, there are two general methods, dry-aging, and wet-aging. Knowing the difference between the two methods can help you make educated decisions the next time you order a specialty steak at a Dallas steakhouse.

If your meat is wet-aged this means that it has been vacuum sealed. What makes this such a popular way of aging is the fact that:

  • None of the meat is compromised to shrinkage,
  • And, it is a generally faster and cheaper process than dry-aging.

Dry-aged beef means that it has been kept in a strictly regulated environment that emphasizes precise temperatures and humidity. These levels increase the tenderness of the beef. Also, the taste of the beef is transformed due to oxidation and the water loss concentrating its natural flavors. This precise process results in a pricier menu option because of the extensive prep that is involved during the dry-age process and how it is served.

Enjoy a Luxurious Dry-Aged Steak Tonight at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Most Dallas steakhouses believe that an aged steak is something that most every Texan should try at some point in time. Find out where all of the love comes from for this process by joining Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse at our table. Contact us today to make a reservation for a night of Dallas eating that you won’t soon forget.


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