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Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse: Safe, Private Dining in the Heart of Dallas

These days, most diners are concerned about a restaurant’s safety measures before they even sit down to look at the menu. Private dining presents a situation that requires a restaurant to take their safety precautions and double down on them for a safe and luxurious guest experience.

At the Y.O Ranch Steakhouse, our private dining safety protocols are the best in the business, and our doors are wide open for you and your family. The health of your guests and our staff is our top priority and we understand the many ways that comfort levels regarding COVID-19 can vary. That’s why we’ve taken every precaution to ensure that we remain the premier events venue for the Dallas area.

We Ensure Private Dining Events Are Fun and Safe

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse has a unique building layout that allows us to provide maximum safety while allowing us to serve as many people as legally possible in these times. 

No matter the space your party needs, we can make accommodations. We have three large private dining rooms that can be opened up to create one massive space, or trimmed down to host three separate events. As the customer, we leave the choice up to you and ensure that our safety measures exceed your expectations.

For every event, we assign a Covid safety leader who consults with the party host to discuss the evening’s agenda and how we can help make everyone feel comfortable while keeping the guests and employees safe.

The following are some standard protocols and a few unique capabilities we have to keep you safe while dining with us.  

Masks are a Must  

We realize that this subject can be sensitive and we can let our Covid safety leader and party host decide what works best for everyone. The one strict requirement we have is each guest must wear a mask at least until they enter their private room, while walking to and from the restrooms, and when leaving the restaurant. 

We ask that the party host inform their guests what safety protocols are in place based on the current state law and house rules relative to pandemic safety. 


At our steakhouse, we put cleanliness first. We guarantee every guest that walks through out door will have access to a hand sanitizer pump station at the entrance to your private room. 

Aside from that, a small bottle of hand sanitizer will be placed on each table for maximum cleanliness. We follow FDA guidelines and use Lysol products for sanitization. The FDA has deemed Lysol the best sanitizing product on the market and your room will be professionally cleaned before each event and spot cleaned during each event 

Social Distancing  

We have three private dining rooms with spacious seating capabilities that promote social distancing so you can dine safely.

In order to ensure proper social distancing, we suggest that the guest take a seat upon entering the private dining area. If the event includes any type of standing reception the party host and safety leader will decide on reasonable and sensible guidelines.   


Worried about fevers popping up at your event? We don’t want that to happen either! We will take the temperatures of your guests and each employee working your event upon entering your private dining room to ensure that everyone present is in a healthy state.

Our safety leader will monitor the room for anyone showing any signs of being ill such as coughing, sneezing, or sweating. Should they notice any symptoms of illness in either the staff or your guests, the individual will promptly be asked to vacate the premises.  

Take Modern Private Dining to the Next Level With Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you are planning an upcoming private dining event, make sure it’s at a restaurant that knows how to handle recent pandemic precautions. Enjoy a luxurious and safe steak dinner with your friends and family at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. Make a reservation today and start planning a night your guests won’t soon forget.


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