Dallas Steakhouse Review: Awesomeness All Around!

I can’t begin to tell you how great our event turned out – thanks to you and your more than capable and wonderful staff! EVERYONE ~ and I mean EVERYONE ~ was extremely helpful and accommodating, no matter what the request.

Steve, Roderick, well – your entire staff are gems, and every restaurant should take a sheet out of your playbook on hospitality. You could tell, because none of our guests or staff wanted to leave! They even blew off the tour of Dallas Stadium and the ASIS party there.

The bar? (your custom potions!) The food? Do I have to tell you??!! Raves all night long. Every morsel was a mouthful of savory deliciousness. You should really branch out. NY, Philly, etc. I only wish you were in every city we do this show in! You can rest assured that every time we’re in Dallas, you’ll be our annual event venue.

Thanx once again, for your exemplary service, food, and attitude!

Everybest . . . 

Gabrielle & all of Security-Net!