(214) 744-3287
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Downtown Dallas Grill

Book a Table

For dinner reservations downtown at our Dallas steakhouse by phone, please call us at 214-744-3287.

Our hours are:
Sunday – Saturday  11 am – 9 pm




In order to maintain an enjoyable environment for all of our guests, including children of all ages, and in keeping with our business casual dress code, please see the items that are prohibited as part of our dress code:

  • Sweat suits or work out attire which includes: running/gym shorts, sports bras, heavy weighted, hooded sweatshirts, or yoga/workout pants
    • Exception: Dri fit, “Polo style” shirts with a collar are allowed
    • Exception: Non-athletic material shorts are allowed for men and women and must come down to mid-thigh or have at least a 5 inch leg
    • Exception: Sweatshirts without a hood and that only contain one small logo are allowed
  • Sweatshirts or t-shirts with large images, screen printing or large logos, large writing or characters
  • Men’s tank tops or sleeveless shirts
  • Exposed undergarments
  • Bustier tops, corset tops, bandeaux tops, or tube tops unless each is worn under a waist-length jacket
  • Any clothing that is excessively revealing and shows an overly bare midriff or excessive cleavage
  • Any clothing with language or graphics that are vulgar or sexually explicit
  • Excessively frayed or torn clothing
  • Clothing emitting offensive odors such as excessive perfume, cologne, tobacco, and or marijuana odors
  • Bandanas worn as headwear
  • No flip-flops or athletic slide sandals
  • Where as we would prefer for neither men or women wear their hats inside our establishment we will not enforce it