Father’s Day Gifts For the Grillin’ Dad

Father’s Day Gifts For the Grillin’ Dad

Although we just celebrated Mother’s Day, parental holidays aren’t over yet. Get ready to gear up for Dad in June when Father’s Day rolls into town.

We know that every Dad is different, however, when it comes down to it, most dads love to mess around on their grills. Since most of us are still practicing social distancing for the time being, here is a list of some of the top 2020 gifts you can get your Dad to help make a memorable at-home Father’s Day.

Steak Delivery

Food delivery services seem to be a trend that continues to grow over the years. This year for Father’s Day, bring the meat to him with a subscription or one-time purchase through meat-loving vendors across the nation.

Trust us, nothing will tell your Dad you appreciate him more than a fresh delivery of Tomahawk Steaks or any other cut he prefers. 

Gift Cards to a Downtown Steakhouse

Some Dads may still want to just go out and have a steak for Father’s Day. Fortunately, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is now open and serving our customers at limited capacity.

If you find that it’s a little difficult to get into our restaurant due to recent restrictions, have no fear, we still have Father’s Day covered with our gift card and pickup/delivery options. We don’t think that anyone’s special day should be restricted. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that our steaks always hit the Dad bods that crave them.

Kamado Joe Charcoal Grill

For the father who likes to grill and smoke meats, we can’t recommend a better gift than the Kamado Joe Charcoal Grill. This is a premium ceramic system containing two tiers within its body for the ultimate meat cooking experience. While this is a pricier way to say “I love you,” we know the smile on Dad’s face will be genuine when he opens up this package.

Corkcicle Beer Chillsner

Why grill with a warm beer-in-hand?! No Dad wants that! Give him the gift of chilling his beer in style with the Corkcicle Beer Chillsner. This handy device keeps drinks cool without the excess watering down that occurs with ice cubes!

New Tongs

Fresh grilling equipment is a gift that can’t be beaten. If your Pops is constantly out grilling, then he’s sure to need a new set of these bad boys eventually. Keep his grill repertoire fresh with tongs that could grip even the largest of London Broils!

Craft Beer BBQ Gift Set

Does Dad love craft beers? Satisfy his eclectic tastes with a craft beer infused BBQ sauce set from Williams-Sonoma. Experience true taste with sauces that pair with Pilsners, Pale Ale, and Dark Lager.

Herb Infuser

Herbs are the spice of life when it comes to grilling. However, sometimes you just want the flavor without the extra green on your meat! This herb infuser serves as an extra layer on your grill that smokes the flavor of herbs into your steak with just the right amount of “social distancing”.

Knock Father’s Day Out of the Park With Reservations at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you’re ready to impress Dad this year with a night out, make a reservation with Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. Not only do we grill up the best steaks in Downtown Dallas, but we also adhere to every safety standard put in place during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Enjoy a safe, delicious meal with your family this Father’s Day with a seat at our family tables!