How To Have A Successful Work Lunch Meeting

How To Have A Successful Work Lunch Meeting

Today’s big event is a work lunch meeting at the Y.O. Steakhouse in the historic West End district, where you are expected to either meet with a potential employer, or with colleagues to discuss your business. As you approach Y.O., you start thinking of what you’ll order based on your previous experiences from one of the best restaurants in Dallas – while also remembering the purpose of the lunch.

There are just a few things to remember when embarking on a work lunch meeting to the Y.O. Steakhouse in downtown Dallas, as to not offset the mood and tone of the meeting…

Step One: Plan Ahead

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Are you meeting with a few employees, a potential client, or a prospect for your company? Setting the tone is the very first thing necessary for a successful work lunch meeting, as you structure ordering food and picking up the tab based on who is involved. Taking a look at the menu from Y.O. Steakhouse will give you an idea for an exceptional lunch – between the Steak Salad, Avery Island Chicken Sandwich, or a Turkey Burger – your options for an appetizing lunch are endless at the best steakhouse in Dallas. Come prepared, know what to expect, and engage with your colleagues or client as you indulge in a successful work lunch at Y.O. Steakhouse.

Step Two: Stay on Task While Seated In An Upscale Setting

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While you eat at one of the top restaurants in Dallas, remember this is a work lunch meeting and not an informal setting – structuring your meal with your guest(s) is of the upmost importance. Be prepared to make small talk, but know the overall objective is to talk business/work. At the Y.O. Steakhouse, you will have the added benefit of seclusion in either a booth or a private dining room that you select. The atmosphere and space between patrons guarantees that your lunch meeting will be uninterrupted and comfortable for you and your guests.

Step Three: Know When To Close

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As a general rule of thumb, if you are invited for a work lunch, the host picks up the check. Plans otherwise should be discussed and agreed upon prior to the lunch meeting. Choosing to have your work lunch meeting at Y.O. Steakhouse gives you unlimited options, from starters and main entrees to deserts like Jack Daniels Pecan Pie, you are guaranteed to have a unique, one-of-a-kind dining experience at the best steakhouse in Dallas for your work lunch.

If you have selected a private dining room to accompany more guests, our exclusive menu will be customized and tailored to you and your party.


Take Your Success Farther at Y.O. Steakhouse

A guaranteed successful work lunch meeting starts with you and your host, and Y.O. Steakhouse in downtown Dallas is glad to be the place to hold such a meeting. Whether you are meeting with an individual and taking advantage of the exquisite lunch menu, or meeting your fellow colleagues for a bite to eat in a private dining room, you’ll know first-hand why everyone says that Y.O. Steakhouse is the best dining and steakhouse in Dallas.