“Let the Good Times Roll”

The Y.O. Steakhouse has been on a roll lately and it’s only going to get better! With the warmer temps coming in and our beautiful patio gaining the love and care it deserves, why wouldn’t we be Hot! We’ve got unbeatable promotions and we are spoiling those we love best, which is of course YOU the customers:) If we didn’t then we wouldn’t have a restaurant, so why not appreciate you guys each and every day?

From freshly caught and flown seafood from Honolulu, Hawaii to the Best Game dishes you can buy, Y.O. Steakhouse is the place to Eat! Now I don’t want you to think I tooting my own Horn about us, but if you stop by just tell us about it yourself:) Try a Signature Cactus Margarita, Our prized Buffalo Filet Mignon, or even one of our New tasty Bar Appetizers! As it says we are on a Roll and with deserving customers like you, we will keep it rolling all the way to the next century, So don’t hesitate to stop by for a drink, a meal, or just to say Hi! Hey, you can even have your next party here with us while you are at it. With that being said, keep up the greatness that you are and as always ‘We’d Love to have Ya’!

Cheers ’til next Time!!!