Resolving the Dilemma: To Marinate or Rub Your Steak?

Resolving the Dilemma: To Marinate or Rub Your Steak?

Adding extra flavors to steak with the goal of creating a unique taste is something at-home chefs have been trying for decades. Although the chef at our Dallas steakhouse personally loves the natural flavor of steak with classic seasonings, we can appreciate the effort put into crafting the perfect steak at home during these times.

Both steak rubs and marinades are popular choices for uniquely flavored steaks, however, some cooks have a hard time deciding which product to add to their meat. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of each, so you can make an educated decision the next time you experiment with flavors.

Both Give You a Burst of Flavor

It’s true, both marinades and rubs can give your steak an extra boost of flavor. However, the extremes of each are quite different. If you opt to marinate a steak in a strong marinade, the flavor that it produces can be very prominent. If a strong flavor like ginger or teriyaki is what you’re going for, then a marinade may be your best bet.

However, if you want something that complements your steak with an underlying flavor then a quick rub is the route you should take. Rubs aren’t as flavorfully strong as marinades and should be used on pricier cuts of steak that need just a dab of extra flavor to bring out the best taste.

Marinating Takes Time

In order for a marinade to have a true impact on the taste of your steak, it needs to be prepared and marinated for a lengthy amount of time. The usual length of time for a marinated steak to be ready can be two plus hours. 

However, if you don’t have the time to wait for a marinade, never fear, create a taste as good as something off of our menu through a smoky rub that hits the spot in 30 minutes or less. 

Marinating Runs the Risk of Drying Out Your Meat

Many marinades use limes and other acidic fruits to produce their flavors. However, when it comes to marinating your steak, too much of a good thing is definitely a possibility. Two things can go wrong with an ill-prepared marinade.

  1. The wrong combination of oils, salts and acids can quickly dry out even the toughest cuts of steak.
  2. Some marinade recipes involve natural sweeteners like honey and agave. While these are tasty additions, we recommend keeping an eye on your steak, these ingredients can lead to a burnt steak. This is due to the fact that sugary additives generally burn faster than acidic additives.

Let Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Make the Decision Simple

If you find that you’re still on the fence and starting to really crave a good steak, don’t let your hunger drag on. The doors of Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse are always open and we are eager to prepare only the finest cuts of steak and wild game. Make a reservation today for a spot at our table or order for pickup. Either way, we guarantee a dinner you and your family won’t soon forget.