5 Reasons a Dallas Steakhouse Meal Trumps a Home Cooked Meal

5 Reasons a Dallas Steakhouse Meal Trumps a Home Cooked Meal

There is just something about eating out at a steakhouse in Dallas, Texas that makes the experience so special. The sensation of enjoying a perfectly prepared steak meal is so strong that it is no surprise that many Americans strive to perfect the art of the steakhouse in their own homes. However, as hard as they try to complete the creation of that juicy Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse flavor, they can get close, but there never is quite the same taste.


Here are five reasons why you should just cave in to your cravings and visit a Dallas steakhouse tonight, instead of attempting to recreate years of professional experience in your own kitchen.

1.  They Use Specialized Broilers

Some Dallas steakhouses are known for their grilling techniques, but the best steakhouses will utilize infrared broilers to perfect the heat of their steaks. Infrared broilers offer the steak the opportunity to cook evenly and to perfection. While this may sound like an easy pop in the oven, using an infrared broiler really requires some skill and training.

2.  Speaking Of Heat…

While on the subject of heating your steaks up to the right temperature, a Dallas steakhouse simply just has the capabilities to prepare a steak at temperatures that would be deemed unsafe in a household. Some ovens and broilers in a great steakhouse can exceed temperatures of 400 degrees.

3.  USDA Prime Beef Is The Beef On The Menu

A Texas steakhouse has the capabilities and connections of getting USDA prime cuts of beef on their menu. These are cuts that most people simply could not find at the average grocery store. Sure, if you spent the time, you would be able to find the beef used in one of the best restaurants in Dallas, but, ask yourself, do you really have the training to handle it?

4.  A Dallas Steakhouse Chef Has Special Techniques

Your local steakhouse has chefs in its employ that have years of training and hold special techniques close to their hearts. These techniques are the tricks that make your steak unique. Whether it be an extra turn on the griddle, or a dollop of butter directly before serving, there is just something about a steakhouse that can’t be beat.

5.  Memory and Training Go Hand-In-Hand

As mentioned before, steakhouse chefs have years of experience and training. Simply, they know their business from the inside out. Think of their craft as being honed by muscle memory. A Dallas chef knows exactly where to cut a piece of beef, how hot to set the right temperature, and when your perfect steak is ready to serve. You won’t find a Dallas steakhouse chef that has to constantly check the temperature of your steak. However, at home, you could ruin a steak with DIY tips that have been proven false, time and again.


Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is Proud to be Your Dallas Steakhouse

If you are in the mood for a delicious cut of beef, then Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse has the cut that is ready to make your evening perfect. Give us a call today to make a reservation for your next visit at our family table.