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3 Drinks to Order With Your Dallas Steakhouse Meal

When eating out at a Dallas steakhouse, you want everything on the table to pair nicely with the exquisite dish that you had been waiting for all day. From choosing the right bread to the right sides, it is obvious that accompaniment is important to the steak connoisseur.

We believe that the most important pairing of your meal aside from the wellness of the steak itself is what you order to drink. Having the right drink with your steak can completely make your meal an experience, while having the wrong drink can make your steakhouse visit something to be forgotten. Here are three of our personal favorite drinks to order with your steakhouse plate.

Red, Red, Wine

The go-to drink when ordering steak is a red wine. There is just something about the choice. The coloring reminds you of the red meat you are about to dig into, the taste brings out the juices and salts of the steak with each bite. Red wine can never be a wrong choice for your steakhouse meal. Some popular choices of red wines for steak include a nice Cabernet or Merlot. If you prefer your wine on the sweeter side, a Rose can also pair well with a rare cut of beef.


Whiskey seems to be a complex alcohol with people. It can either perfect the taste of something or send the taste buds over the edge. Regardless, we think that the richness of a well-aged whiskey like a bourbon or Scotch will pair well with a grilled steak. The smoky flavor of the whiskey will mimic the flavor of the grill and create a Dallas steakhouse experience that you won’t soon forget. We recommend having your whiskey in the form of a traditional Old Fashioned, but you can order it neat or on the rocks, it’s your choice.

For the Non-Alcoholic Tastes at a Dallas Steakhouse

Don’t think that a trip to the steakhouse means you have to pair your meal with an alcoholic beverage. There are plenty of tasteful options that surprisingly pair well at a zero percent alcohol content. For a slightly similar kick as red wine, try the substitutes of Cranberry or Pomegranate juice. Both of these beverages contain tannins that are also found in red wine and will bring out the flavor of your steak without creating the danger of overpowering it.

Another traditional non-alcoholic drink that goes well with a steak is club soda with a twist of lemon or lime. This drink helps cut through the fat and also acts as a palate cleanser that will balance out the flavors of your steak.

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Serves All Your Steak Pairings

Regardless of what you pair your steak with, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is proud to offer a variety of sides and drinks that will perfectly compliment your meal. If you want to try our famous Dallas steaks, give us a call to make a reservation today.


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