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5 More Tall Tales to Ditch When Cooking the Perfect Steak

Everyone seems to have their tricks and advice for cooking a perfect steak at home. Sadly, many of these tips stem from steak myths that have been passed down from generation to generation of grillers

We’ve already kicked in the door on a few of these myths, but still, we see fellow steak lovers falling into mythical cooking traps. In an effort to make cooking your next great-tasting steak a little easier, here are five more tall tales to ditch the next time you toss some meat on the grill.

Bone-In Always Has a Better Flavor

Aside from looking great on a dinner plate or while grilling in front of your friends, bone-in steaks really don’t add to the flavor of your meats. The truth is that you could cook identical cuts of steak with the bone in or out, and a blindfolded taste test wouldn’t be able to tell you which one had the bone-in.

The myth stems from the insulation that the bone provides to the meat that it directly touches. So while there may be a more tender and juicy appearance to the meat directly against the bone, the other 98 percent of your steak is going to taste just as great as the next bone-out cut of beef you serve.

Seasoning Your Steak Before It’s Cooked Makes a Tougher Steak

We heard this myth and seriously had to do a double-take. Seasoning your meat after it’s been cooked sounds like sheer madness to us! Yes, salting and seasoning your steak will dry out the outside of your cut, but has no bearing on the overall texture of your steak.

In fact, you want your steak’s exterior to be dry for more effective browning while you cook it. In a pinch, it’s okay to season your steak right before tossing it on the grill. But you should really aim for a 45-minute or longer window so that the exterior layers of your beef can absorb the flavor of the salt and naturally dry out. 

Flipping with a Fork “Pops Out” the Flavor of Your Steak

Some grillers believe that any piercing of a steak during the cooking process will instantly open up the floodgates of flavor loss. The truth is, you can puncture your steak with a fork and even cut it open slightly to check its doneness (more on that later), but you really won’t be losing much flavor. 

Yes, you may lose a little of your juices, but we promise that no one at your dinner table will blame your flipping technique on a bad tasting cut of meat. If that situation arises, it’s time to look back on our advice on how to cook the perfect steak.

Cutting Your Steak Open Always Proves Its Doneness

Even if you know that cutting open your steak to check its doneness won’t kill the flavor, the color of your steak isn’t a true testament to its preparedness. The solution to checking if your steak is ready is quite simple. Meat thermometers are easy to find, minimally invasive, and can help you accurately determine when to put your steak on a plate. 

Take out the guesswork and let steak science be your guide.

Always Rest Your Steak

You may think we’re wrong, but resting your steak after cooking can do more harm than good. Not only have top chefs been unable to prove that a resting steak absorbs more juices, but letting your steak rest just lets it get cold and could potentially leave your steak over-cooked. 

Remember, steak continues cooking even after it’s been taken off of the heat. So, we say, dig in and enjoy it while it’s hot!

Trust Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse to Always Cook From Texan Traditions

Whether you adhere to these myths or not, the fact still remains that Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse doesn’t play by the rules and always cooks steak our way; which is the right way! If you’re ready to experience a true taste of Texas that is all truth and zero myth make a reservation at our table today!

We are one of Downtown Dallas’ most celebrated steakhouses and offer a unique and safe dining experience to every party that walks through our restaurant’s doors.


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