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6 Unique Ways to Eat Your Steak

There’s nothing quite like tearing into a perfectly grilled steak, right? Well, according to steak lovers around the world, there are several ways to enjoy a cut of beef that break from the char-grilled tradition. At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse in downtown Dallas, we love the taste that the flame brings to our dishes, but are also intrigued by the many other ways people can enjoy our favorite food. 

Here’s a look at six unique ways adventurous people can prepare a steak.

Sous Vide

Don’t feel like firing up the grill? Well, according to the sous vide method, you can still attain perfect steak status in a regulated water bath. Sous vide is a trending practice that involves sealing the steak in a plastic pouch and then cooking it for long periods of time at a perfectly regulated temperature. 

This non-traditional slow and low method may be the best way to enjoy your favorite meal during colder seasons when you just can’t get out to the grill.

Carpaccio Steak

Carpaccio steak is a simple way to serve your steak that doesn’t even require cooking. Carpaccio steak is raw, thinly sliced pieces of steak that are served beneath a vinaigrette drizzle, and often with a crisp salad. 

According to those who swear by Carpaccio steak, this Italian dish is perfect for a hot summer’s day.


Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower was so dedicated to the purity of his steak that he didn’t even bother to put them on the grill. The dirty process for cooking steak involves cooking your beef directly on top of incredibly hot coals. 

If you do attempt a dirty cook for your steak, follow these three tips:

  1. Always cook with natural charcoal
  2. Heat your charcoal to a temperature of 800 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Dress your steak up in a hearty dry rub to ensure that perfect crust you crave

In a Pudding

No, we aren’t talking about the delicious dessert! In the UK a pudding is a stuffed pastry. Usually, a pudding is filled with savory flavors and ingredients. One of the most traditional ways of serving a pudding is stuffed with steak and kidney.


This cooking style makes our chefs wince a bit. This French process of cooking steak involves wrapping your prime cut within slices of low-quality steaks. This allows for your stovetop to char the outer layer of meat while ensuring that your actual meal remains juicy and untainted. 

What do you do with the excess meat? Unfortunately, this method says to toss it in the bin. We say an adventurous cook could find a way to put any piece of cooked steak to good use.

The Alton Brown Method

Don’t have any oil for pan-searing your steak? Food Network host, Alton Brown says to skip the store and head straight for your jar of mayonnaise. Yes, your jar of mayonnaise.

According to the best-selling author and chef, spreading the condiment around your raw steak helps perfect the cook. Mayo naturally already has oil in it and will have the searing effect of oiling up a pan. 

Aside from the oils, chefs who have practiced this technique claim that other natural ingredients in mayonnaise, like egg yolk and lemon, add flavor to your perfectly cooked steak. 

Stop Into Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse for a Taste of Tradition

If you think these methods we’ve shown you are interesting but are more in the mood for a traditional Texas steak dinner, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is ready to welcome you!

Our steak menu has a wide variety of steak cuts, wild game, and the perfect sides to go along with your meal. If you’re looking for tradition, you’ve found it in our kitchen.

Make a reservation today at our Dallas steakhouse to experience a true taste of Texas!


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