The Science Behind How to Cook the Perfect Steak

The Science Behind How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Most grillers think that cooking a perfect steak is as simple as slapping meat on the barbecue and using a thermometer to determine its doneness. Sure, if you’re goal is to be the “average” steak chef, this could be the routine for you.

However, if you want perfection; if you want to cook a steak like a steakhouse , then you’ll have to take off the grilling apron and hit the books. The Science of Steak 101 is in session and Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is your new professor!

The Perfect Steak is Safe to Undercook!

No one feels comfortable eating a burger that is overtly pink and/or bloody. That’s because undercooking ground beef can lead to diseases like E. coli because of the surface meats in the mixture

However, when it comes to a steak, it can be eaten safely undercooked. There is even a menu choice at some steakhouses that serve steak tartare.

The science behind why we can essentially eat a steak “our own way” is that pathogens that would get us sick don’t have the power to get through the muscle of a natural steak. The only risk of exposure to pathogens in steak is if the meat had been needled for tenderness. This process exposes your meat and creates a path for potential pathogens to enter the meat.

So, as long as your steak is organic and browned at least on the outer surface, it’s relatively safe to eat to your liking. 

The Secret to Flavor

The key component to that “beefy” flavor that every steak lover craves is the fat that creates the marbled look in a raw cut of beef. However, science shows that most of the flavor in steak comes from the actual cooking. 

When the proteins on the surface of the steak meld together with the natural sugars inside of the meat, we get what is called the Maillard Reaction. When the outside of the meat is cooked and hot, the reaction begins and sets off the process that breaks down the myoglobins in the steak and turns the color of the meat from red to brown.

Balance the Heat

The secret to perfecting steak and the Maillard Reaction is all in how hot you are cooking your meat. In order to get the Maillard Reaction started your steak needs to be at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface. However, if you want to reach the reaction sooner, simply take the time to season your steak with a thick packing of salt. This not only hastens the Maillard Reaction, but also adds to the flavor of your meat while it cooks and the proteins and cells become the perfect meal!

Skip the Science Books and Make a Reservation At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

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