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Bone-In Vs. Bone-Out Steak: Who’s The Real Winner?

Since the dawn of fine dining, everyone seems to have had an opinion on what the best steak is for a night out. From the issue of doneness to the types of seasonings used on particular cuts of meat, there always seems to be the latest “perfect” way to enjoy a steak.

Here’s a closer look at one of the most recent debates amongst steak-lovers: Bone-in vs. Bone-out!.

What’s the Debate on Steak?

Steak-lovers all around seem to be divided on their preferences of taste between bone-in and bone-out cuts. Both state that each cut of beef provides a better flavored finished product. Fortunately, with science on our side, we can now start to dig deeper into each side of this argument and find out which piece of steak truly is the big winner at the rodeo.

Bone-In’s Corner

Most people that vouch for bone-in cuts of steak will tell you that the bone is what makes the steak delicious and juicy. While we aren’t trying to pick sides here, the science behind this method of cooking steak isn’t necessarily wrong.

So, the science behind bone is what it’s made out of; calcium phosphate and connective tissue which is primarily made from collagen. Collagen has the substance of gelatin and helps keep a cut of steak juicy while on the grill.

So, when you come to Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse and order a bone-in Ribeye or New York Steak, it’s guaranteed that with the bone intact your meat will seem to get juicier and even more flavorful near the bone. You can thank science for that tasty factoid!

The Case for Bone-Out

Although people who preach for bone-out steaks understand the science behind the bone-in argument, the facts on their side, show that the taste of steak isn’t truly reliant on the presence of the bone.

One of the arguments stating that bone doesn’t matter says that no matter how delicious the yellow and red marrow inside of a bone may be, cow bones simply can’t be penetrated. Even if they could be, the fat collagen that melts during the cooking process would form a wall that prevents such flavors from seeping into the meat.

Make Your Verdict at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse we love any cut of delicious beef. And honestly couldn’t tell one of our guests to choose one over the other. We invite you to come down to our West End location and be the judge for yourself! Our menu offers some of the finest selections of bone-in and bone-out steaks. So, grab friends, pick a couple of steaks, and see who comes out the most satisfied in the end.


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