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Dallas Chef Tony Street Travels to Dijon to Cook for Gala

Follow Dallas Chef  Tony Street, travels to Dijon, France to cook a Texas-themed feast for 300 Gala attendees at an event honoring Charles Rivkin, the U.S. Ambassador to France.

Chef Tony Arrive in Paris

Nov 19: Arriving in Paris

Relais-Louis in Paris

Nov 20: Paris ~ Dinner at Relais Louis

Map from Paris to Dijon

Nov 21: Off to Dijon

Tony hasdinner at Le-Laurent in France

Nov 21: Dinner at Le Laurent

Relias Louis has the Best Cheese

Nov 22: Dijon Day 1




November 22, 2009

Its November 22nd and I had an awesome 1st day in Dijon

Cooking – Step 1 Its November 22nd and  I had an awesome 1st day in Dijon. Once I got on

November 21, 2009

Dinner at Le Laurent Paris France

Its the night of November 21st and my first day in Dijon was a success. Let me tell you about