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What’s the Difference Between the Front and Back of the House?

Front of the house and back of the house are terms you’ve probably heard get thrown around in the restaurant industry. You may even have the impression that the two have a sibling rivalry.

While there can be some fun jabbing between the two halves of our front and back-of-house teams, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is dedicated to bringing the best of each team together to create the ultimate Dallas dining experience.

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and find out how our front and back-of-house have made Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse the best steakhouse in Dallas.

Front of the House Shapes your Steakhouse Experience

The front-of-house at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is the part of the restaurant that all guests get to experience.

Here’s where we put our customer service skills to the test and make your time at our restaurant a memorable one.

excellent service YO ranch steakhouseThe Face of your Dining Venture

Our front-of-house staff is the first impression you get of Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. Every floor team member is prepared to offer you premier customer service and guarantee you’ll want for nothing under our care.

Our front-of-house manager is always available to chat with our guests and can be found moving from table to table, making each party feel at home.

Front-of-House Sets the Mood

Not only is our staff in the front-of-house essential for being the face of our restaurant, but the ambiance we create on our dining room floor is also essential to your enjoyment.

Our rustic, original decorations from Y.O. Ranch, dimmed lighting and relaxing background music all help set the scene for enjoying your favorite meal during a night on the town in Dallas.

Behind the Scenes in Back

The back of the house at Y.O. is where the real magic happens. From prepping dishes to thinking ahead for new menu options, our behind-the-scenes staff joins forces with our front-of-house staff to make our restaurant a staple of the West End District.

Chefs Prepare your Favorite Dishsteak preperation

What would a steakhouse be without premier dining options? As you and your guests eagerly wait for your orders to arrive, our chefs are in the kitchen cooking the food that upholds our reputation.

Whether you’ve opted for the traditional filet or got adventurous and ordered some wild game as your entree, our chefs prepare each item to perfection and ensure your experience at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is full of rich flavors and original options.

sanitized tablesCleanliness Starts Here

Before your meals hit the plate, our staff ensures every dish and utensil is clean. We prioritize cleanliness and take our time washing dishes, disinfecting countertops, and restocking the sanitation supplies guests enjoy at the front-of-house.

Enjoy Everything Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Has to Offer Today!

If you’re ready to find out why we’ve been named the best steakhouse in Dallas, our team is ready to give you the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse experience.

From exquisite wine lists to house-created desserts, we have every ingredient you need for the perfect night out. Make your reservations today!


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