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How to Cut Steak Right, Every Time

Any steak lover knows the golden rule that cutting your steak right is essential to perfecting the steak eating experience. However, the validity behind why one should strive for a perfect cut is often overlooked.

At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we take the experience of our steaks seriously from bite to bite. Let’s cut into the real reasons behind properly slicing a steak and how you should approach perfection from the comfort of your own home.

Does Cutting a Steak Right Actually Matter?

Remember, steak is essentially cooked muscle from a cow. Muscle is strong, thick, and could be difficult to eat if cooked or cut incorrectly.

An incorrect cut leaves long muscle fibers intact and makes the meat not only more difficult to chew but substantially gamey. This is never a result that a person wants from a steak dinner.

Keep in mind that the cut of steak plays a massive role in how well meticulous your actual fork and knife cutting needs to be. The less a muscle is used on the animal the easier it will be to cut.

For example, a Filet is going to be consistently tender and easier to cut than a flank steak or skirt.

How to Cut a Steak the Right Way

In most Dallas steakhouses, your choice cuts that could be tougher are typically pre-cut to ensure perfection. However, when it comes to prepping a great steak at home, you could cook it to perfection and the wrong cutting technique could boot you from all future steak duties. 

Follow our four simple steps to ensure that your cuts have the texture and taste that wins your family over.

  1. First, Let it Rest!

No matter the type of steak you’ve cooked up, you want it to be juicy and tender when cut into. For a decent sized steak, resting for about 10 minutes after grilling allows for the juices to evenly distribute and significantly adds to the flavor of your entire steak.

  1. Grab the Right Knife

When it comes to cutting a well-rested steak, the tools of the trade are essential. The sharper your steak knife, the better.

Your meat should be served in thin, juicy slices. A dull blade won’t give you the cut you desire and also risks failing to follow through on our final piece of serving advice.

  1. Always Cut Against the Grain

As we’ve mentioned before, steak is a muscle that must be broken down in order to be tender and edible. This achievement is possible by cutting against the grain of your cooked meat.

All you have to do is examine the muscle fibers that are in your meat and perpendicularly slice through them. This action breaks down the fibers and prevents you from having a chunky, chewy steak that is better off left as scraps.

Enjoy a Perfect Cut Without the Prep Work at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Although cutting your steak correctly is something anyone can pick up and practice at a Dallas steakhouse, prepping the perfect cut is always a job that should be left to the professionals.

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is known for its perfect cuts of steak, wild game, and fresh seafood. Let our chefs show you why we are one of the best steakhouses in Dallas.

Make a reservation today for an evening of dining you won’t soon forget.



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