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How to Order Your Steakhouse Dinner Like a Connoisseur

A delicious steakhouse dinner is a perfect choice for a cool evening date or holiday party. Don’t stumble over your words when ordering off of our menu. Make sure your party knows that you are a true steak connoisseur. Here are a few tips and terms to remember when perusing the dinner options at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse.

A Great Steakhouse Dinner is All About the Grades!

No, don’t worry, there isn’t an official test. But trust us when we say that if you know your steak grades, then you’ll quickly come off like a diner who knows their steaks. Our chef prides himself in serving only the most prime and choice grade meats at our restaurant. Let’s take a closer look at what a steakhouse “report card” looks like!


Prime cuts are the best steaks you can find. This grade is a quality steak that comes with all of the marbling that brings the flavor you crave when you order a steak from a steakhouse!

Most restaurants have to fight to get prime cuts to their establishment, resulting in mile-high prices. Fortunately, our steaks come straight from the source at our very own Y.O. Ranch. This means when you order quality, you pay a fair price for luxury.


Choice cuts are close to prime cuts but are typically less juicy and flavorful. While these cuts are still desirable, they usually come from older cows or have some imperfections, like less marbling. Ordering a choice cut won’t ruin the class of a steak-eating experience, but it’s guaranteed this grade won’t be:

  • As tender as a prime cut
  • Full of the marbling you’d desire in a steak


Select steaks a step above the rest of the standard selection at a grocery store and will serve just fine as a homemade steak dinner for one. These grade steaks have minimally visible marbling and therefore, won’t offer the juices and extremely beefy flavoring that a choice or prime grade cut of beef would.


You won’t find the standard steak on any menu at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. When you buy the standard steak at a grocery store, don’t be surprised when it tastes nothing like what you’d experience at a local steakhouse. These cuts are pre-packaged and contain very little to no marbling. You’ll find them tougher to eat and requiring large amounts of seasoning to give them any resonance of steakhouse flavor.

Impress Your Next Date at Our Downtown Steakhouse

Now you’re prepared to order your steak like a professional the next time you stop by! Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is known for our perfect steaks the ambiance we bring to the dining experience. 

From the moment you walk through our doors to the last bit of desert, we are dedicated to providing you with a dinner you’ll never forget. Remember, we are a popular venue for holiday parties and special events, so schedule your night with us ahead of time. Make your next date night reservation today.



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