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An Introduction to the Process of Wet-Aged Beef

If there’s one thing that we know about steak lovers, it’s that they have a knack for being knowledgeable in the terminology that spreads around our kitchen. We think this determination is great because it allows guests to truly invest themselves into the steakhouse experience when they sit down and peruse our menu.

At Yo Ranch Steakhouse we’ve discussed dry-aged steak, one of the most popular terms in a steak lovers repertoire, we think it’s time to examine the wet-aged process for steak and why this is an equally popular term that comes to mind when connoisseurs think of a perfect steak.

What is a Wet-Aged Steak?

Wet-aging is essentially the opposite of the open-air process of dry-aging beef. This method of perfecting a cut of beef before cooking involves storing the beef in a cryovac bag. From there, the meat is stored in a refrigerator for 14 days or longer at around 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the aging process the meats will tenderize to near-perfection until the chef decides it’s time to toss the steaks on the grill.

Should All Cuts Be Wet-Aged?

Simply put, no. Different aging methods bring out different flavors depending on the size and cut of the steak. Wet-aging is perfect for leaner cuts of beef that don’t have large amounts marbling in their consistency. 

Wet-aging truly brings out the flavor palate in the following cuts:

  • Flat-Iron Steak
  • Filet Mignon
  • Boneless Strip Steak
  • Flank Steak

What Are the Key Benefits of Wet-Aging?

Wet-aging is one of the most popular reasons why people select certain steaks when shopping. Aside from the special preparation that goes into the process, there are also several benefits behind the practice. 

Moisture Retention

Unlike dry-aged beef, where the fats melt into the meat, in the open air, the cryovac method of wet-aging ensures that the moisture within the cuts stay within the meat itself. This way no weight is lost in the meat to dehydration and customers know that they are truly paying for their meat pound by delicious pound.

Fresher Taste

Speaking of delicious, people who sample wet-aged beef say that the flavor is fresher, compared to the sometimes harsh taste of a dry-aged steak that has been dehydrating for a while. 

So What’s Better? Dry-Aged or Wet-Aged Beef?

Honestly, we can’t decide. In our opinion, a great steak is a great steak and the preparation process is all based on a matter of taste preference. Although the “competition” between the two is fun, the true winner is the guest who enjoys their steak, no matter how it’s prepped.

Experience Aged Beef the Texas way at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

While we don’t like to give away all of our secrets at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we do invite our guests to come out and enjoy a true taste of Texas beef. 

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or you just want a safe place to enjoy a gourmet meal, our downtown Dallas steakhouse is the place for you.

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