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Meat Lovers Rejoice! New Study Shows That Steak Can Improve Heart Health

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States, claiming nearly 1 million lives each year. It is an “equal opportunity” killer that targets both men and women. Many people know at least one person who has been diagnosed with heart disease or have been diagnosed with it themselves. As such a widespread and serious illness, scientists and researchers have dedicated their lives to understanding the causes and revealing preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the risk.

The History of Red Meat and Heart Disease

For years, one of these measures has been to avoid red meat. Red meat, in all its variations, has long been linked to heart disease. The idea is that the meat contains saturated fat, which can harden and narrow arteries. In addition, a 2013 study published in the journal Nature Medicine found that the combination of the nutrients in beef and the bacteria in our guts can speed up plaque buildup in the arteries. Hence, one of the first things that men and women seeking healthier heart health do is eliminate beef and lamb from their diets. Sadly, this has meant missing out at some of the best steakhouses in Dallas. However, a new study shows that red meat contains a compound that can actually improve heart health when consumed moderately.

How is Red Meat Beneficial to Heart Health?

The journal Nutrition recently published new research showing that the consumption of red meat can give a health boost to your heart. The impact is so great that it is being compared to the positive effects of giving up smoking, decreasing sodium intake, and exercising more. Researchers analyzed the data of about 1,000 pairs of female twins to compare their intake of protein and amino acids, which are known to have heart-healthy properties. They found that the twins with healthier hearts were consuming more protein-rich foods like meat, fish, dairy, beans, broccoli, and spinach than their siblings. Animal-based proteins were found to contain the highest amounts of the amino acids (glutamic acid, leucine, and tyrosine) that are specifically linked to less-stiff arteries and lowering blood pressure.

As blood pressure and stiff arteries are building blocks of heart disease, the researchers concluded that consuming meats and plants rich in amino acids can have a positive effect on heart health.

Visit YO Steakhouse for a Heart-Healthy Lunch or Dinner

This new study is great news for red meat lovers all over the world, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy the best steak in Dallas at YO Steakhouse? Our lunch and dinner menus features many offerings rich in amino acids, including:

Steak-Dallas Favorite

Scientists recommend that while red meat can be helpful to maintaining heart health, it does not take much to reap the benefits. Our Prime Top Sirloin is seasoned with our specially blended seasoning, then seared and cooked to perfection just how you like it. For a meal packed with amino acids, add a side of our Sauteed Spinach, Steamed Asparagus, or Steamed Broccoli.

Wild Game Meatwild game meat dinner dallas

A great alternative to fattier cuts of beef, wild game meat is flavorful, tender, and hearty – especially when prepared at our restaurant in downtown Dallas. Try our Venison Roll Ups as an appetizer, the Espresso Crusted Elk Tenderloin, or the Wild Game Platter to sample many different kinds of wild game meat. If you stop by for lunch, the Buffalo Burger is a great option that is lean without compromising flavor.


Although not at all considered red meat, seafood contains all of the amino acids in the study and have many other properties that are beneficial to other areas of health. Our seafood dinner options include Pan Grilled Gulf Coast Oysters, Red Chili Rubbed Salmon, and Pan Roasted Sea Bass.

Whatever you order, don’t forget to order a glass of red wine, also found to be heart healthy, from our wine menu!


Whether you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or are working to protect yourself from it, visit YO Ranch Steakhouse for a meal that is heart-healthy, delicious, and served in a unique, authentic Texan setting. Now taking reservations for dinner!



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