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Top 10 Steak Trends to Try This Year

The world of steak is far from stagnant, with steakhouse chefs like Tony Street, and home cooks constantly innovating to bring new flavors and textures to the grill. Here are the top 10 hottest steak trends to sizzle your taste buds!


Global Flavors

Move over, ketchup and mustard! Steak is embracing a world of exciting flavors, venturing beyond the borders of traditional American preparations. We’ve discussed some European steak house differences in the past. Time to stamp your culinary passport for other parts of the world by sampling the new flavors trending in steak.


Latin Flair

Imagine the vibrant green chimichurri, a garlicky, herb-packed Argentinian sauce, not just complementing skirt steak but dancing across the robust char of a ribeye or the buttery tenderness of a filet mignon. Chimichurri is a celebrated steak trend this year because infuses every bite with a burst of fresh parsley, oregano, and a hint of citrus, transporting your taste buds to the bustling parrilla (grill) houses of Buenos Aires. 


Asian Influence

Get ready for an explosion of umami! Asian influences are a hot steak trend! Korean marinades, infused with the fiery kick of gochujang (Korean chili paste), are transforming steaks into tender morsels of sweet and spicy goodness. 


Imagine a ribeye glistening with a gochujang glaze, caramelized over charcoal and releasing a wave of Korean barbecue heat with every bite. 


Or, picture yourself dipping thin slices of marinated flank steak into a selection of savory Japanese yakiniku dipping sauces, each adding a unique twist to the smoky char.   


Spice Adventures

Spice is a huge steak trend. Moroccan rubs, scented with the smoky warmth of harissa, are setting ribeyes ablaze with a touch of North African mystery. Indian spice blends like garam masala, with its symphony of cumin, coriander, and cloves, are weaving intricate layers of warmth and depth onto grilled New York strips. These adventurous rubs are like passports to exotic lands, each bite a ticket to a new culinary destination.


Beyond the Grill

The reign of the grill is not over, but it’s no longer the sole tool for cooking steak. Innovative techniques are emerging, offering alternative paths to steakhouse heaven.


Sous Vide Precision

Step into the future of steak trends by cooking with sous vide. This method uses a precisely controlled water bath to cook the steak to a perfect and even doneness, guaranteeing melt-in-your-mouth tenderness throughout. Imagine a filet mignon, blushing pink from edge to edge, cooked to your exact preference, a testament to the scientific artistry of sous vide.


Reverse Sear

Embrace the slow and steady approach to cooking steak with reverse searing. Reverse searing a steak involves gently roasting the steak in the oven to achieve its desired internal temperature before delivering a final searing kiss on a screaming-hot pan. The result? A beautifully caramelized crust that locks in the juicy interior, offering the best of both worlds in one glorious bite.


Smoking & Curing

Infuse steak with layers of complex, savory flavors by venturing into the world of smoke and cure. Imagine a thick-cut tomahawk steak, its marbled flesh infused with the subtle smokiness of hickory chips, or a Denver steak boasting a deep, earthy savor from a dry brine seasoned with coffee grounds and cocoa powder. 


These techniques are like time capsules of flavor, patiently transforming ordinary steaks into extraordinary experiences.


Nontraditional Cuts of Steak

Move beyond the familiar faces of ribeyes and New York strips! The butcher’s case holds a treasure trove of lesser-known cuts, each waiting to be discovered and savored.


Butcher’s Best

Befriend your local butcher and ask about hanger steaks, Denver steaks, and flat irons. These cuts, once overlooked, are now rising stars in the steak world. Hanger steak, with its intense beefy flavor and skirt-like texture, is perfect for quick marinades and sizzling stir-fries. Denver steaks, cut from the chuck shoulder, offer exceptional marbling and tenderness, while flat irons, lean and versatile, are ideal for grilling or pan-searing. Picking the perfect steak is an art that you should be open to exploring. Embrace the adventurous spirit of the butcher’s best and unlock a world of delicious possibilities.


Dry-Aged Delicacy

Indulge in the pinnacle of steak experiences with dry-aged beef. This process, where beef is hung for weeks in controlled temperature and humidity, concentrates the flavor and tenderizes the meat to an almost melt-in-your-mouth level. Imagine a bone-in dry-aged ribeye, its crust shimmering with aged beef crystals, each bite bursting with an intense, concentrated beefiness that is pure luxury.


Sustainable Sourcing

We can write about steak trends without mentioniong a focus on sustainable meat sourcing.  Consumers are increasingly seeking out beef raised with sustainability and ethical practices in mind. At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we source our beef directly from The Y.O. Ranch, where our cows our ethically raised and prepped for a richer, more nuanced flavor profile.


Steak Trends at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse in Dallas, TX

Our steakhouse menu is your canvas, filled with the finest cuts of steak, international steak flavors, and innovative cooking techniques. 


Dive into the smoky depths of our dry-aged porterhouse, or sample delicious appetizers like Texas Hill Country Quail Medallions and Nashville Hot Fried Oysters.  You can’t go wrong with our expertly cooked Buffalo Filet Mignon or wild game dishes. Make your online dinner reservation at our Dallas steak house today!


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