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What Are the Benefits of a Reverse Seared Steak?

The perfect steak isn’t achieved by a single method. From sous vide to grilling, chefs around the nation have experimented with different techniques that create the delicious beefy flavor that keep steakhouse visitors coming back for more.

So, what makes a perfect steak? We say a charred crust and juicy, tender beef on the inside. One of the best methods to create this effect nearly every time is through the reverse sear. Here’s a look at the method and why we and other downtown steakhouses tout it as one of the winning ways to cook a steak.

What is a Reverse Sear?

What’s interesting about a reverse sear is how it takes traditional steak cooking and flips it upside down.

Most steaks are cooked on one appliance, the grill or a cast-iron skillet. However, the reverse sear involves cooking the meat to perfection on a very low heat in the oven. From there the steak is seared in a cast-iron skillet to create the dark, crisp crust that signifies a well-cooked steak.

What Makes the Cooking Method So Great?

Although a reverse sear is a more involved way of cooking your steak, it’s a cooking method that is known as one of the best ways to prepare a steak right, every time. Here are a few of the reasons why the reverse sear is so highly revered amongst foodies and chefs alike.

It Creates That Perfect Crust

When a steak is left to cook in the oven, the heat dehydrates the surface of the steak. Not only does this create the coveted Maillard Reaction that makes the inside of a steak juicy and delicious, but it also primes the beef for the upcoming sear that gives it the perfect exterior look.

When the surface of the steak is devoid of juices, the pan sear will be more effective and combine with your seasonings to create a crunchy, enticing crust. Combine this with the steak’s insides cooked to perfection, and you have an award-winning steak that can’t be beaten!

More Control Over Doneness

Slow and controlled cooking allows a chef to ensure that a steak is prepared completely to a guest’s satisfaction. The reverse sear prevents accidental overcooking and creates an even amount of doneness throughout a steak.

Delicious Pan Drippings

Who needs an expensive sauce when the reverse sear does the work for you?

Although this is a small reason why we love this method, we feel it’s an important one. When the steak cooks in the oven, drippings, and juices are bound to form within the pan. These droppings can be used as a topping for extra flavor after the steak has been seared. 

Enjoy the Taste of a Perfectly Cooked Steak at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you are curious about trying different steak cooking methods but aren’t sure what goals to aim for, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse invites you to have a seat at our table. Our delicious steaks have been a Downtown Dallas staple for years, and truly represent the best of Texas cooking.

Even if you aren’t in the mood for beef, our menu has something for everyone to enjoy. Make a reservation today for an authentic steak dinner in the heart of Downtown Dallas.


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