Dallas restaurant review: This is one heck of a place

“This place is becoming, by far, one of my favorite restaurants in the entire state!! I’ve been around long enough to know a thing or two spottin something special when it comes a long….. and let me tell you — This place hits the nail on the head! Their steaks are all very different and all very good. The Mac and Cheese is to die for. The deserts are mouthwatering. The history of the Ranch for which this place was named is unparralled. The only thing I don’t absolutely love is the Mashed Potatoes… But my late husband loved them, so maybe give them a try and decide for yourself. Overall though, I’m tellin ya, this is one heck of a place. Here’s a “Thank ya Darlin” to whoever’s idea this place was. Yall do a good job so stick to your guns.
Pros: Food, Location, Deco, Service, Wine Selection
Cons: Not open for breakfast”
– LadyTexasLady