Dallas steakhouse review: The most yummy Rib Eye

“I recently had the most yummy Rib Eye at the YO. It was perfectly cooked very rare on the inside — kind of a Pittsburg! I had great mashed potatos and gravy, which I don’t normally get but the gravy was really good. And Asparagus, perfectly cooked and fresh. Then I had a little pecan pie that was homemade and the best ending. Could not eat the entire steak so I took it home and made a sliced rib eye salad the next day. I often get the Buffallo here and it is terrififc too but This is THE BEST Rib Eye Ihave had in Dallas in a long time. Time for another trip — the patio is nice when not too hot. I have also eaten at the bar here and that can be fun.” – –– Suzanne A. , Dallas, TX