5 Reasons Why Our Natural Beef is What’s for Dinner

5 Reasons Why Our Natural Beef is What’s for Dinner

The team at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse lives to provide our guests with the highest-quality steakhouse experience in Downtown Dallas. While our presentation and atmosphere are clearly top-tier, the real pull for our restaurant is the quality meat that we use in our dishes.

Our natural beef and other meats come straight from the natural source at The Y.O. Ranch. If you don’t understand why that fact alone makes us the best steakhouse in Dallas, then here are five reasons that will get you in the right mindset.

1.  Y.O. Steaks Are Chem-Free

The average industrial farm will pump their animals with antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs in order to get them “meal ready.” Sure, the meat may be plump, but none of those additives are good for the animal, or you!

When you take a bit out of grass-fed meat, know that the animal has been organically fed and raised, and is naturally healthy and plump before it’s chosen as a main course on our menu.

2.  We Don’t Keep Our Cows in Pens

Ethical treatment of animals matters to us at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. That’s why the meat we use comes from animals that are free-range and have been able to graze. There’s no force-feeding from our end. The animals raised at Y.O. Ranch are free to graze at their leisure, resulting in a healthier, and happier beast.

3.  Humanely-Raised Makes a Better Dish

Our animals aren’t a commodity, they are nature’s gift to us. When your food is raised right, it’ll treat you right. Humanely raised animals naturally have more vitamins and minerals that benefit your health. We’ve already discussed how beef can be a healthy aspect of your diet, but imagine how much better it can be with improved fatty acid composition and antioxidant contents from our grass-fed servings.

4.  We Use Less Resources

The benefits of natural beef go beyond impacting taste and your nutrition. Since we are raising our animals humanely, we naturally use fewer resources than industrial farms. This means that overall, we keep everything natural, right down to how we fertilize our soil. We respect our animals and the environment we share together by reducing waste and pollution on a daily basis.

5.  Our Land is Biodiverse

While industrial farms only focus on mass-breeding one or two types of animals, Y.O. Ranch is home to over 60 species of wildlife. From our cattle to the exotic giraffes, zebras, and water buffalos, we are living proof our land was meant for so much more than breeding livestock in unhealthy and cruel conditions.

Taste the Difference Tonight at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

If you’re ready to bite into an all-natural meal that is both nutritious and fulfilling all at once, then Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse could have a table with your name on it. We invite you to take in our Texas atmosphere, sample our wine menu, and order a dish you won’t soon forget. Make your reservations with us today!