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Five Different Ways to Cook and Serve a Steak

A great steak can be made in many different ways to please any group of people at a dinner party or corporate event. Find out five of the most popular ways to cook and serve a perfect cut of steak.

1. Grilled

Most steak houses in Dallas will say that one of the tried and true methods of serving a steak is to prepare it over a flaming grill. The process of grilling steak is quick, simple, and with enough practice, very easy to master.

By throwing on the steak when the coals are hot, you have already made the first steps to a perfectly prepared steakhouse special. Cook the steak on each side based on how well you want it prepared. We suggest topping this dish off with butter and serving it with a side of Gouda Mac-N-Cheese as a side that is sure to blow your guests away.

2. Pan-Seared

A good, pan-seared steak is cooked very similar to a grilled cut of beef, you just won’t be directly exposing your steak to an open flame like on a grill.

We recommend using a cast-iron pan or heavy-bottomed skillet because they generally hold more heat and get the steak cooked to perfection. One big suggestion if cooking in this manner is to have a splash guard on-hand and have your kitchen fan running. This way of serving a steak causes quite the sizzle.

3. Oven-Baked

It is currently the perfect time of the year to turn on your oven and cook some wild game or steak the old-fashioned way. By setting your oven at just the right temperature, you can easily have your steak rise and sizzle to the best of its ability.

We suggest searing the steak quickly over a hot pan before placing it in the oven, and then using a meat thermometer to make sure that it is cooked to your liking.

4. Reverse Sear

If you are looking for the perfect steak and don’t mind putting in a little extra effort, then a reverse sear is the way to cook your steak. Start your steak in the oven at 275 degrees for 45 minutes then sear the exterior on the grill.

What this method does is keep the outside temp of the meat lower while the inside has the chance to heat to perfection, keeping all of the juices inside of your steak.

5. Tartare

This is a very unique way to prepare your steak, simply because it is totally raw. This steak stands out because it is chopped up before serving and is prepared from a decent steak like an eye of round. This is one that we recommend purchasing at a Dallas steakhouse rather than trying to cook it from your home.

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse will Cook Your Food Perfectly

If you are unsure about cooking your own steaks at home, then don’t risk the ruined piece of beef. Make a reservation at our Dallas steakhouse tonight and ensure that your steak dinner is one to remember.


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