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Your Wedding Menu Options at Y.O. Steakhouse

Your magical day should be picture perfect – from the moment you arrive at your venue, down to the minute. When searching for your perfect meal to accompany your wedding, let Y.O. Steakhouse serve you. Bring your wedding day to live with our exquisite, exclusive menu from our private event concierge that is catered and hand-selected for you and your guests, from the best steakhouse in Dallas. So, let’s get started!

The First Selection: Deciding A Menu

Your guests will delight in the finest selection of prime-aged beef and the largest selection of wild game around at Y.O. Steakhouse in Dallas, including the legendary Buffalo Filet Mignon, Pecan Crusted Trout, or Rattlesnake Chili Pie. Whichever menu option you decide on for your private dining experience, your custom wedding menu from Y.O. Steakhouse is sure to leave your wedding guests talking for a long time.

The Second Selection: Wine and Beverages


With your private dining package at the best steakhouse in Dallas, the options for providing your guests with refreshments seem just as endless as their dinner menu options. From the free coffee, tea, and soda, to the open premium bar, or a selected and exclusive bar that is one flat cost per person at your wedding. Y.O. Steakhouse will evaluate the size of your wedding party, and come up with the best customized plan catered to you so you have no need to worry if your guests will go dry.

The Third Selection: Succulent, Mouth-Watering Deserts


Each tantalizing menu from the best steakhouse in Dallas will come with options for desert for guests, including Texas Pecan Pie and Chocolate Decadence (a Gluten-free option). Your desert selections are just as important as the rest of your private dining menu to Y.O. Steakhouse, and we take great pride in ensuring your perfect day is met with a perfect menu.


So, now that you have the knowledge of a menu from the best steakhouse in Dallas ready to serve your wedding, what are you waiting for? Y.O. Steakhouse is honored to host your special day in one of our private dining rooms, if you are wishing to host the reception or rehearsal dinner (hopefully both!) here with us. The best day of your life can be accentuated and complete from the best five star restaurant in the historic West End of Dallas – Y.O. Steakhouse.



Look at the menu options offered from Y.O. Steakhouse, and contact Michael to schedule your special event.


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