History Behind Dallas’ Historic West End

History Behind Dallas’ Historic West End

The Historic West End of Dallas has been the Y.O. Steakhouse’s home for years. In this quaint Dallas neighborhood, we’ve grown our steakhouse customer base and cultivated relationships with area residents and other business owners. The West End has seen its fair share of historical events over the years. We’re sharing a short look back at one of Dallas’ best kept secrets.

Downtown Dallas Early Years

While the West End sees over 7 million tourists annually, it wasn’t always the historic hot spot it is today. Before all the restaurants in Downtown Dallas moved in, it was a trading outpost. In 1872, the Houston and Texas Central Railroad moved in and the West End began to grow. This sudden boom in economy brought many manufacturing companies to the area. The iconic architecture of the West End was inspired by the industrial nature of the area and we’re fortunate enough to say that the architecture hasn’t changed much since then.

Putting the West End on the Map

Unfortunately it wasn’t the steakhouses in Dallas that put the West End on the map at first. On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while traveling through Dealey Plaza in his motorcade. This shocking event sparked new interest in the West End from curious eyes and the federal government. Luckily, since that tragic day, the West End has been able to bring tourists to the area to learn about Dallas history and also sample delicious steaks from the Y.O. Steakhouse dinner menu.

Restaurants and Entertainment in the West End

In 1978, the West End District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since then, restaurants and museums have opened and continue to bring in tourists and area residents a like. The Y.O. Steakhouse is listed as one of the best restaurants in Dallas and is proud to call the West End home. Our menu boasts of exotic wild game dishes and juicy steaks for our guests to enjoy. We’ve designed our steakhouse to keep with the outpost roots of the West End and embrace the traditional Texas feeling that our customers love.

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Whether you’re visiting Dallas for the first time or you call the city home, we invite you to come dine with us! Our menu always has something new and exciting for you and your party to enjoy. Indulge in one of our delicious steaks and share an appetizer with friends. You’ll always be welcome here! Get in touch with us today for questions or to make a reservation!