Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Secret Recipes

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Secret Recipes

As the chef of one of the best restaurants in Dallas, Tony Street has used his talent to create some of the most amazing recipes you’ll ever taste here at the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. Tony has shared some of his secret recipes on our website for all our new and returning guests to read and try at home. Below are three ideas you can try at home for all of your upcoming Memorial Day picnics or family barbecues.

Garlic Cilantro Vinaigrette Dressing

Our Downtown Dallas restaurant’s House Salad is a great choice all year round, but it’s especially appetizing this time of year. Topping off this popular salad is our garlic cilantro vinaigrette dressing. Made with garlic cloves, sugar, red and white wine vinegar and olive oil, it has a light and zesty taste, which brings out the flavors of the salad. Not only is this dressing great for your spring salads, but it also goes great on top of your fish or shrimp tacos as well.

Dallas Steakhouse Fried Chicken Recipe

Nothing says Texas summer picnics, or outdoor family dining quite like fried chicken. Fried chicken is great hot out of the skillet or cold out of a picnic basket. Pair it up with mashed potatoes, fries or corn on the cob, and you’ll have some happy and full guests.

You’ll want to prepare the fat in your skillet by placing lard, butter and country ham into it at a medium heat for about 30 minutes. Be sure to skim the fat off the top as needed. Blend your flour, cornstarch, salt and pepper into a dredge for your chicken. You’re then going to put the chicken skin side down into your heated fat and cook for 8 to 10 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse Bread Pudding and Dessert Toppings

One of our popular desserts here in downtown Dallas is the Y.O. Bread Pudding. Made with brioche bread, white chocolate chips, toasted Macadamia nuts and a Jack Daniels crème anglaise, it’s a great dessert to follow any meal. Tony’s recipe includes eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and to add a very Texas flare, some Blue Bell vanilla ice cream!

After combining the ingredients, you’ll want to spread the pudding mixture over bananas and cookies evenly in the bottom of your pan. Add your egg whites in your mixer for a minute and then add your sugar to it creating your meringue. Spread your meringue over the pudding and cook at 350 degrees until the meringue is brown. Bread pudding makes a great dessert for any picnic or family gathering, but it’s also a wonderful weekend indulgence as breakfast as well.

The crème anglaise used in our bread pudding is French for “English cream.” This a great sauce and topping for your lighter summer desserts such as fresh fruits and summer cakes. If you’re feeling adventurous, crème anglaise can also be used as a base if you’re making your own ice cream at home.

Visit the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse This Memorial Day

If you don’t feel like cooking a feast for your Memorial Day guests, come to one of the best steakhouses in Dallas and let our master chef cook for you! Our menu has something for everyone and is guaranteed to please. Contact us for a reservation!