Y.O. stands for “You Outta” try this Club!

When have you last visited the Y.O. Steakhouse for lunch? If it hasn’t been recently then you should stop by sometime for lunch and try the Y.O. Club. Not only is it pleasing to the eye but it is just as delicious and fulfilling to the taste buds and your stomach! Believe me when I say, you have never had a masterpiece like this, it is too good to be called just a sandwich. From the golden toasted bread and truly fresh sliced turkey and ham,all the way down to the goat cheese sage mayo, this is one plate to be reckoned with! The Y.O. Club is so darn good that even the fries that come with it are jealous:)  It will surely have you coming back for more, without breaking your pockets.

So, why am I so confident and descriptive about this particular menu item? Well, because it’s not my opinion…..it’s the ‘word’ on West End street! And I agree, “You Outta try this Club”!